Is Your Blended Family Struggling?

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The Center For Family Unity Has A San Diego Family Therapist that Can Help You Heal

Kellye Laughery LMFT and The Executive Director of The Center For Family Unity.
Are you feeling lost? Or frustrated? Or misunderstood? If your family is divided and you’re battling feelings of bitterness, confusion and resentment, you may feel like you’re simply incapable of being who you were meant to be.

Something needs to change. It can. And it will, when you pursue hope and healing with the assistance of a San Diego therapist at The Center For Family Unity. The Center for Family Unity is different. It’s a place where you can feel free to confide and face those feelings of despair and disconnection. Our unique approach to healing integrates a highly effective combination of play therapy, sand tray therapy, and traditional therapy. These methods provide a more comfortable way for you to open up and have the courage to talk about what is truly troubling you and get to the heart of your problems. When you begin working with a trusted therapist, you begin your path to healing.

Finally. A Blended Family Therapist You Will Feel Comfortable With Kellye Laughery is a licensed marriage and blended family therapist and the owner of The Center for Family Unity. The minute you meet Kellye, you’ll feel at ease. She’s lived through some deeply painful experiences in her own life and knows what it’s like to feel lonely and frustrated. However, she also knows what it’s like to move from despair to victory and to be freed from old emotional scars. She uses her education, experiences and skills to help families and individuals overcome their obstacles and pursue joy in their lives.
This might be your first time working with a San Diego therapist We understand it may have taken months or years for you to seek out help. We commend you. Contacting a San Diego family therapist takes a lot of courage. It’s a big step. But receiving guidance from a caring, empathetic San Diego therapist is the first step in making lasting, permanent change so you can live your life in a victorious way. book-an-appointment


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