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Essential oils offer a wide selection of quality products designed to improve your life. Essential oils have long enjoyed a reputation for producing beyond organic aromatherapy products.  But, in addition to our essential oils, we also offer nutritional supplements, and personal care products.  Each is enhanced with therapeutic-grade essential oils, to bring you truly unique results. Is it really worth the money to buy quality oils? Or, are cheaper oils worth the money they cost you? It’s worth its weight in gold! Your friend tells you about aromatherapy, and how much it has helped her.  In her enthusiasm, she gives you a CD, and encourages you to listen to it. Wow!  You never imagined that aromatherapy had so much healing potential! Click here for more information. So you rush right over to your health food store and buy a bottle of lavender and another of frankincense.  You got them both at a very good price (quite a lot less than what your friend paid).  You’re happy and excited about getting started using the oils, when your friend takes one look at them, and her eyes roll back in her head.  She’s not pleased. As she tries to explain about the different qualities of oils, your mind can’t get past the question: Why should I spend $28.35 for a bottle of lavender oil when I can get the same amount at my health food store for $9.95?  Can there really be that much difference between oils?

A rose by any other name… While Shakespeare may have been right in saying that a rose is a rose, no matter what you call it, calling something rose oil doesn’t make it so.  It takes 5,000 pounds of rose petals to produce one pound of rose oil; and to completely extract the oil, and have it retain its full fragrance, chemistry and frequency, requires a careful, two part distillation process.  This makes a quality rose oil very expensive.  If you can buy a 15 ml bottle for $50.00, you can be sure it’s not very good. What you smell may not be what you get. You want to use the purest quality on yourself, your family, and especially your kiddos! Here is the problem: Aromatherapy has become quite a fad, and an ever-growing number of marketers, seeing its money-making potential, have jumped on the essential oils bandwagon, looking for an easy way to make a lot of money.  They’re finding innovative ways to sell anything they can call aromatherapy. Mostly, what you find are cheap imitations–some sort of oil base to which they’ve added synthetic chemicals to create a fragrance. Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil would fall into this category. I can guarantee you, their Lavender Meadow® has never seen a lavender meadow.To give you an idea of how ridiculous this is, statistics show that one company — Procter & Gamble — uses two times the amount of essential oils than are actually produced in the entire world.  It makes you wonder: Just what are they calling essential oils?Some companies market essential oils that have been cut with synthetic chemicals or blended with cheaper hybrids.  This is quite common with lavender.  For example, according to the Lavender Growers Association, 100 times more “lavender oil” was exported from France than is actually grown there.  Just where did that lavender come from?I’ve recently sampled some lavender oil from a big name American company. The oil was imported from France and certified as organic.  It smelled nice; but, when I compared it to a therapeutic-grade lavender oil, its aroma was very weak and lacked the deep, complex characteristic of a quality oil. Then, I applied some to my forearm. Not good. Instead of the energy lift I get from my usual lavender oil, I actually felt a drop in energy. And, instead of being very soothing like it should be, it irritated my skin–a vast difference in essential oil quality and effectiveness.

As you can see, there are vast differences in the quality of oils on the market today. This is only partly reflected in the vast differences in prices for these oils.  Some brands of lavender oil, for example, are selling for a small fraction of what others cost.  (On the other hand, other companies inflate their prices, buying very cheap, poor-quality oils, and selling them as therapeutic-grade at whatever price the market will bear. However, that’s another story ….)

Please note: If you buy a cheaper oil, chances are you’re not getting what you pay for.  You must remember that aromatherapy is about more than just the smell. That $5.00 to $10.00 bottle of frankincense you get at the health food store might smell fine to you, but there’s no way it will provide you with the therapeutic benefits of a truly organic, therapeutic-grade frankincense oil.  When you look at what you get for your money, $93.00 is a very good price! Click here for more information.

Aromatherapy is far more than just the smell.While some of these so-called aromatherapy products present a pleasing fragrance (at least to a chemically-oriented nose), can cover unpleasant odors, and may have some limited value in relaxation, they have no real value for true aromatherapy.  In some cases, these so-called aromatherapy products can create serious problems, from allergic reactions to irritations to chemical burns. Don’t compromise! You and your family deserve the best!! Click here for more information.

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Que son los aceites esenciales?
Los aceites esenciales son compuestos aromáticos naturales que se encuentran en las semillas, cortezas, tallos, raíces, flores y otras partes de las plantas. Pueden ser hermosos y poderosamente aromáticos. Si alguna vez usted ha disfrutado una rosa, el caminar por un campo de lavanda, o ha percibido el olor de la menta recién cortada, usted ha experimentado las cualidades de los aceites esenciales. Además de darle un olor característico a las plantas, los aceites esenciales le dan protección en contra de sus depredadores y enfermedades, además de jugar un rol importante en  el proceso de polinización.

Los aceites esenciales son compuestos orgánicos volátiles que no están hechos a base de agua. Aunque son solubles en aceite, no contienen lípidos grasos o ácidos como los que se encuentran en aceites vegetales y animales. Los aceites esenciales son muy limpios, frescos al tacto e inmediatamente absorbidos por la piel. Puros e inalterados, los aceites esenciales son translucidos y varían en color desde cristalinos hasta un azul profundo.
orange Haga esto en casa: Exprima la cáscara de una naranja madura. El residuo fragante en tus manos esta lleno de aceites esenciales.

Además de los beneficios intrínsecos para las plantas y de su deliciosa fragancia para las personas, los aceites esenciales han sido usados a través de la historia en muchas culturas por sus beneficios terapéuticos y medicinales. Los modernos estudios científicos y tendencias hacia un enfoque más holístico de tratar el bienestar, están impulsando a un resurgimiento y nuevo descubrimiento de las aplicaciones de los aceites esenciales en la salud.

Los aceites esenciales representan los más sanos, puros y benéficos aceites esenciales de hoy en día. Son cuidadosa y hábilmente destilados de las plantas, que con paciencia han sido cosechadas en el momento perfecto por cultivadores experimentados al rededor del mundo, para la ideal composición y eficacia de su extracto. Los consumidores expertos en aceites esenciales reconocerán inmediatamente en los aceites, estándares de calidad superiores naturalmente sanos, y de grado terapéuticos puramente efectivos

“¿Por donde comienzo?”
Los aceites esenciales de Grado Terapéutico Certificado PuroTM son vendidos exclusivamente a través de Consultores Independientes de Producto. Si usted ha considerado tener su propio negocio en casa y le gustaría convertirse en miembro de nuestro equipo de consultores de productos que crece rápidamente, haga.

Estamos aceptando acuerdos de consultores y vendiendo los productos. . Por favor únase a nosotros en nuestra misión de llevar al mundo los beneficios que mejoran la vida a través de los aceites esenciales de grado terapéutico – esperamos juntos el emocionante future.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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