San Diego Child Therapy

Child Therapy San Diego: Opening Up The Lines Of Communication

Are your kids experiencing emotional pain and confusion that they do not know how to cope with? Are you struggling as a parent to comfort, encourage and equip them to work through their feelings in a healthy and productive manner?

What A Child Therapist Does

Children under the age of 11 are not capable of verbalizing their struggles and frustrations in the same way that adults are. Instead, they use a unique language called “play.” Unfortunately, most of us forget how to speak and understand “play language” by the time we’re teenagers. The San Diego child therapist at The Center For Family Unity is well-versed in play therapy and speaking “play language.” In addition to inviting your children into her play world–where it’s safe for them to express how they feel through play, she teaches parents how to understand and speak “play language” themselves. And as a result, parents open up the lines of communication with their children–making them feel supported, encouraged and understood. For more information, please visit: Association for Play Therapy. close-up portrait of a sad 19 years old girl

Teenagers Are A Different Story

Pre-teens and teenagers often clam up, act out or simply answer every question with “I don’t know” when they’re struggling to cope. And the truth is, they probably really don’t know. The teenage brain is often very confused. This can be maddening for parents. If it seems as if your once sweet son or daughter has cut off your ability to communicate with them and if they’re constantly creating chaos in your home, teen therapy may be the answer. In teen therapy parents are equipped to deal with distant, disinterested and/or easily angered teens. They’re given practical tools that help them set age appropriate boundaries and manage rules and consequences–opening the door to a relationship based on mutual respect. I invite you to get to consider meeting with a San Diego child therapist or a San Diego teen therapist. We’ll communicate in your child’s language and provide them a safe and non-judgmental place to express themselves and learn how to cope with the challenges of every day life. Furthermore, we’ll provide you with child-centered therapeutic strategies that will open up the lines of communication between you and your kids and strengthen your family bond. If you are looking for a child therapist in San Diego, Kellye Laughery can be exactly who you need.


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